Hello. My name is Mojo.

I’m not yet a superstar strutting on red carpets, but I’m sure to become one soon. Although I’m from Peru, I spent most of my time in the East End. Life here was great, but something was missing and I couldn’t really put my hoof on it… Then, I discovered it. Orange. Bright. Calling my name like a bottled angel from heaven. J2O. I had butterflies in all my three stomachs. J2O was the orange to my passionfruit, the apple to my mango, the conditioner to my wool. Armed with a bottle of J2O and my pearls of wisdom, I want to ensure everyone makes the most out of get-togethers; good times start with colourful drinks, as they say. It’s now my mission to help the people of Britain find their social mojo. So let’s strut our stuff, roar like lions and find our mojo together!